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Friday, August 19, 2005

How religious should a 15 year old be?

How religious should a 15 year old be? That's what I often ask my self when I look at my brother, who could be viewed as a "Good Old Catholic Boy". He is truly the poster child for Catholisim, he is an alter boy, he attends mass regularly, and if you have any question about the bible, ask him, and if he doesn't know off hand, he will look it up and have an answer soon enough.

My brother is not the only "Holy Roller Teenager". My co workers niece came into the office all distressed the other day because her and her mother had gotten into an argument over an anti-abortion t-shirt that she was wearing. Apparently it was graphic and somewhat offensive, and her mother did not think she should wear this. Her interest in this just sprang out of no where, when she attended a teen retreat for a local Christian Church. She came home a changed person, and now has broken most social ties to attend church or prayer groups. Her mother was concerned that her daughter may have come home somewhat brain washed, and to be honest IM not sure what to think.

Before this comes off as being a bash on Christianity, know that its not. I was raised Catholic, and I consider myself to be a pretty devout Catholic at that. I attendee Catholic school for 9 years and am still very active in my church. I even drank my non-Catholic boyfriend to church with me almost every Sunday. This is just a thought on what they are instilling in our youth at church. I certainly don't like a teenager to point and judge me, or anyone else in the world for our life styles, when they don't understand what they are arguing yet. These "young adults" learn something in the Bible, something that was meant to be interpreted, and take it all literally. They then begin to follow blindly, for they somewhat don't fully understand the full effect of their statements or arguments.

These teens are preached abstinence and "True love waits". When I was going through confirmation classes when I was 16, they even made us wrap a heart in a box, symbolizing our virginity, and we were suppose to keep it wrapped until our wedding night. The idea was that if this box was opened before that, we were commenting a mortal sin and were going straight to hell. (The way I see it, apparently everyone I know will be there anyways) I didn't like the fact that they were preaching this to us anyways, although it is known that the Catholic Church is against sex for any other purpose other than reproduction. If every Catholic followed that, we would all either have 12+ kids, or never understand the full bond of intimacy.

Anyways back on track here, I just don't think teenagers need to be thought to be so judgmental at such a your age, especially on issues that they may not understand. They are feed this information and are expected to follow blindly, and then when they finally open their eyes, they become so disillusioned, they may never return to the church again.

As for my co-workers niece, IM not upset on her views on abortion, being raised Catholic, my stance is pretty obvious, but I'm not going to protest in front of Planned Parent Hood either, because it is just my personal opinion, and who am I to judge on something that is such a personal decision?


  • At 10:58 AM, Blogger Jason W said…

    I quite agree. It does seem rather irresponsible to intentionally raise obnoxious, judgemental brats who do not understand the consequences (or often even the meaning) of their beliefs and assertions. However, it seems that the goal of today's churches is to raise just those brats.

    But the real problem is that the apple generally does not fall far from the tree. Many religious adults these days are just as obnoxious, judgemental, and bratty about their religious beliefs.

    Children in today's churches are not necessarily being taught the tenets of Christianity so much as they are being indoctrinated to become "warriors" in whatever cause(s) it is that their particular church is taking upon themselves to fight.

    To me it is merely an exploitation of the children's lack of experience, knowledge, and maturity. It is also a very cowardly move on the Christian's part. By putting their children on the front lines of these moral battles they are merely pulling a disgustingly real version of the old "you wouldn't hit a man with glasses" ruse, their children being the easily broken glasses.

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