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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Where is Dutchess?

Dutchess is a 9 year old Schaunzer. Dutchess has always been a feisty little dog, who would growl at you if you looked at her funny. She even bit my boyfriends shoe for no good reason, just because she felt like it.

The day we got her, she chased my little brother around the house all day, knowing that he feared her. The one day it snowed down here (8 years ago) she stayed outside all day, and refused to come in until she was too cold to fight us off. Then she slept next to the fire place until she was ready to play again. Dutchess has a unique personality, a cross between a little feisty dog, and a grumpy old lady.

Dutchess and our other dog Doc are like two little kids, they will get themselves into trouble and hide from us, as if we don't know its them who did it. Like the day they tore up my brothers futon mattress. There was foam everywhere in the house, it looked like it snowed. They also chewed up our old sofa, and they would dig holes in our carpet.

I know it sounds crazy, but that stupid dog has kept me sane all these years. I couldn't wait to get home and hear what she did that day. Sometimes if it was worth a good laugh, my mom would call me at work and tell me what Dutchess did.

This week my family is faced with a hard decision. Dutchess is sick, and she has been for the past couple of months now. She had kidney stones last December, and she almost didn't survive the surgery when they were removed, but she pulled through. Now she has been sick since April, and she just seems to be getting worse. She's been keeping us up at night, and I don't mind staying up with her as much as I mind her suffering. This week we will decide based on her fourth visit to the vet, whether we should put her down or not. I don't want her to suffer, but I am also not ready to live life without her. I don't know what to think, or how I will vote in this family decision.


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